Pendidikan Karakter Dalam Tasawuf Modern Hamka Dan Tasawuf Transformatif Kontemporer Character Education in Hamka Modern Sufism and Contemporary Transformative Sufism

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Supriyadi Supriyadi
Miftahol Jannah


The concept of character education in Hamka's modern mysticism, including sincerity, fear, zuhud, and resignation. Sincerity requires the existence of siddiq and a sense of fear of fear that exists in humans, put only on God, namely fear because of the doom, torment and wrath of Allah. The character of zuhud is born as a manifestation of faith. Tawakkal is interpreted as a form of submission of decisions of every human endeavor and effort only to Allah SWT. Approach in character education, Hamka offers a trilogy of the concept of Sufism trilogy, namely takhallitahalli, and tajalliTakhalli, is self-liberation from despicable qualities. Tahalli, is the stage of filling and decorating yourself with commendable attitudes. Tajalli is an appreciation of the divine sense or in Hamka's terms, "God looks in the heart. While the concept of character education in contemporary transformative Sufism shows the enthusiasm for returning to a more positive form and purity of religious teachings which in general is an actual form of religious style of the urban community. Achievements to be addressed by contemporary transformative mysticism, including: closeness with God, the presence of God in muraqabah, and became al-Insan al-Kamil.


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Supriyadi, S., & Jannah, M. (2019). Pendidikan Karakter Dalam Tasawuf Modern Hamka Dan Tasawuf Transformatif Kontemporer. Halaqa: Islamic Education Journal, 3(2), 91-95.


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